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Services offered

The Integrated COPD Team offers the following services for patients who have known COPD.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Acute Respiratory Assessment Service (ARAS)
The Acute Respiratory Assessment Service (ARAS) is a service that can be accessed via GPs, community matrons and members of the Integrated COPD Team, for patients who have known COPD.

Patients will be assessed by a respiratory nurse specialist and seen by a chest physician/specialist registrar prior to a decision regarding required treatment.

The options will include a decision to either discharge the patient home/ discharge home on early supported discharge/ or to admit the patient as appropriate.

Early Supported Discharge (ESD)
Early Supported Discharge (ESD) is a ‘hospital at home’ scheme run by the Integrated COPD Team to continue a patient’s acute care in their own home. Appropriate patients will be identified by the respiratory consultants and/or respiratory nurse specialists during daily ward rounds in the hospital.

The patient will be visited at home, by a member of the ICOPD team and will remain under the hospital consultant, until deemed suitable for discharge back into the community.

Intervention Clinics
Intervention Clinics are designed for those patients whose condition has deteriorated, but do not require hospital admission (e.g. specialist assessment/intervention).

These clinics will be run by a respiratory nurse specialist and/or respiratory physiotherapist following referral by a relevant healthcare professional. They will be supported by a chest consultant as necessary.

Following referral, the ICOPD Team will be responsible for ensuring the patient is seen within the most appropriate setting (community or secondary care by the consultant) following agreed criteria.

Physiotherapy Clinics
The specialist respiratory physiotherapists will be running 1-1 clinics and can help with:

  • Breathlessness management
  • Chest clearance techniques
  • Exercise advice

Oxygen Clinics
All patients on home oxygen therapy will be reviewed by a respiratory nurse either in their own surroundings or in an Oxygen Clinic at specified intervals.

These reviews will ensure patients have a good understanding of their oxygen usage and safety, and address any potential problems or complications.

They will have their oxygen levels monitored at each visit and a capillary blood gas will be carried out as and when appropriate.