Product recall notice: Contamination of hygiene products

Date: 14/07/2022 | Category: General News

Specific products have been recalled, as they have been associated with Pseudomonas infection. Please refer to the recall notice on the Vernacare website:

Have you recently used any of these products?

  • Oasis Bedbath wipes
  • Oasis Maceratable Bedbath
  • Oasis Shampoo Cap
  • Oasis Washmitt
  • Conti Flushable Skin Cleansing Wet Wipes
  • Conti Continence Care Skin Cleansing Wipes
  • Conti Patient Cleansing Wet Wipes
  • Conti Skin Cleansing Wet Wipes
  • Conti Continence Care 3% Dimethicone Barrier Cloth
  • Senset Skin Cleansing Wipes (labelled as patient wipes)
  • Caremore wet wipes
  • CCN/Medirite wet wipes
  • CHL (Care Home Life) large wet wipes
  • Countrywide patient cleansing wipes – moist handi wipes, handy wipe, wet wipe & large moist body wipes
  • Fairfield wet wipes and moist patient wipes
  • Fittleworth complementary cleansing wet wipes

If you have any of these affected products, please stop using them immediately and inform the relevant healthcare professional at your next contact/visit.

For further information you can contact Vernacare directly via