New projectors to help improve the lives of patients with cognitive challenges

Date: 02/02/2023 | Category: General News

Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has received new equipment to help improve the physical and social wellbeing of patients with cognitive challenges.

Both Bedford and Luton & Dunstable (L&D) hospitals have received a Magic Table 360 from Social Ability’s Happiness Programme which aims to make society happier.

The equipment projects light on to a surface and as the patient moves their body through the light, the activities that are projected begin to move.

Yvonne Weldon, Dementia Nurse Specialist at the Trust, applied for the projectors as she wanted to improve the experience of patients at the hospitals.

She said: “This equipment is a market leading activity programme that is portable and suitable to use with a range of patients with cognitive impairment.

“It uses computer technology, interactive light and infra-red sensors to provide sound and visual cues that respond to touch and movement.

“There is research to support the use of interactive light and the positive effect it has on people experiencing cognitive impairment. For example enhancing stimulation of the senses, improving wellbeing, increased motivation and social interaction, as well as being calming and relaxing.”

Due to its portability, the projector can be transported to the patients who need it most.

Yvonne continued: “We can use this equipment for a range of patients in a range of hospital scenarios, for example those living with Dementia, those with learning disabilities, those with delirium or mild cognitive impairment or simply with a patient who requires some cognitive stimulation while they are bedbound or struggling with limited mobility.

“The projector can be used on bedsheets, tables, floors and walls.”

Staff are eager to begin using the projector and see the benefits that it will bring to patients.

Yvonne added: “We have only just received the equipment and are excited to start using it on the wards.

“The Bedford site has the wonderful Activity Coordinators available to utilise this equipment, while at the L&D we have therapy-led Independence Support Workers and our Boredom Buster Volunteers who will become trained in the use of the equipment.”

Clara Wilkins-Ball is one of the Activity Coordinators at Bedford Hospital who will be using the equipment with patients.

She said: “When patients are in hospital for an extended period of time, mobility and cognitive function may decline, the Happiness Programme is something that we can use to bring some happiness and engagement to patients. Patients that are mobile or bedbound can enjoy this projector, and staff can create positive relationships with the people they are caring for.

“Every staff member is very excited to see what the projector does and how it can help bring some fun and life to the patients.”