New patient appointment booking system at Gilbert Hitchcock House (North Wing)

Date: 22/02/2021 | Category: General News

With up to 600 patients a day visiting the Phlebotomy department at Bedford Hospital, it is vital that everyone is seen safely and social distancing measures are observed to protect both our staff and our patients.

Arrangements have now been finalised to introduce a new appointment booking system for all patients which will see a reduction in the waiting and queuing time for blood tests.

This new service will be introduced on Monday 1 March 2021 and patients will be seen in the newly refurbished phlebotomy rooms at Gilbert Hitchcock House.

There will be a number of ways that patients are able to book an appointment including a 24/7 online booking service, automated telephone booking service, by calling our Phlebotomy reception team or booking an appointment in person.

Patients will be able to book a blood test, sometimes on the same day and there will be early appointments available for those patients that have been asked to fast by their GP.

A limited walk-in service will be maintained. Patients will be given an appointment, if available, at the next appointment time for that day, or offered an appointment for another day.