New BLMK Diabetic Eye Screening Programme Launched

Date: 24/04/2024 | Category: General News

Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Milton Keynes University Hospital are now the lead providers for the Diabetic Eye Screening Programme (DESP) across Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes (BLMK).

Both NHS Trusts already run DESP for their own respective areas but will now join forces to provide clinical leadership and deliver screenings at more locations to increase accessibility to patients across BLMK. This will enable us to deliver a single, efficient, effective, and standardised service across the whole of BLMK.

Patients do not need to do anything differently as they will be contacted as normal for their regular diabetic eye screening appointments.

This new service will be delivered in 20 locations across BLMK. Full information about the Programme and the list of locations can be found at:

Mr Aires Lobo, Clinical Lead for the BLMK DESP (Bedfordshire areas) said: “Working in partnership with Milton Keynes University Hospital provides us a great opportunity to deliver a sustainable and effective screening programme for patients across the BLMK health system.

Suri Dhanoa, Clinical Lead for the BLMK DESP (MK area) said: “Both Trusts working together on this screening programme will also help to further improve patient experiences and outcomes, along with contributing to reducing health inequalities within the local communities we serve.”

All people aged 12 and over with diabetes (type 1 and 2) are offered annual eye screening appointments.

The only exceptions are people with diabetic eye disease who are already under the care of an ophthalmology specialist.

The screening test usually takes around 30 minutes. Screening does not replace regular eye examinations and it is important to attend both.