National Healthcare Estates and Facilities Day – 15 June 2022

Date: 15/06/2022 | Category: General News

Our Estates and Facilities workforce are at the heart of Bedfordshire Hospitals.

Made of up Security, Car Parking, Portering and Linen, Cleaning/Waste, Catering, Fire and Maintenance, Decontamination and Sterile Services, Electrical and Biomedical Engineering (EBME), Switchboard and Capital, these staff members are responsible for supporting and maintaining the 133,000 square metres of both our hospital sites – 71,000sqm at the L&D and 62,000sqm at Bedford Hospital.

The first ever National Healthcare Estates and Facilities Day takes place today, June 15, 2022 to recognise the valuable contributions these professionals make to the healthcare sector and the impact they have on our patients and staff.

From looking after and maintaining our hospitals sites, tending to our green spaces, creating delicious recipes, ensuring our hospitals are safe and secure, and so much more, Estates and Facilities staff play a vital part in the day to day operations at the Trust.

Thank you to our unsung heroes for all for the incredible work you do to keep our hospitals running and for ensuring our staff, patients and their loved ones are safe, secure and well looked after during their visits to Bedfordshire Hospitals.