Calnwood Road Patient and Visitor car park closure

Date: 23/09/2021 | Category: General News, Redevelopment

In order to the support the redevelopment projects on the L&D site, the patient and visitor car park off of Calnwood Road will be closing at the end of the day on Sunday 26 September.

The safety of our patients, staff and visitors is our priority, especially when construction vehicles and deliveries are arriving on-site.

Patients and visitors will be able to park in the multi-storey car park on Lewsey Road, or the disabled car park in St Mary’s off of Dunstable Road. The maximum height for vehicles in the multi-storey is 2.1 metres.

Wheelchairs are available next to the pick-up and drop-off area near Microbiology, for those who need it.

Full details on our redevelopment projects can be found here.

Patient and visitor car park that will be closing

Patient and visitor car park that will be closing