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As men get older invariably they, and their partners, are troubled by the effects of bothersome urinary symptoms. The symptoms can vary but often result in a reduced an interrupted urinary flow, hesitancy and the frequent and urgent desire to pass urine as well as waking at night to pass urine. Whilst the majority of men have a non-cancerous (benign) enlargement of the prostate as the cause for some these can be the signs of early prostate cancer.

At the Cobham Clinic our leading Consultant Urologists offer a comprehensive lower urinary tract service for men with such symptoms. This includes a complete assessment of their symptoms, prostate examination and investigations such as urinary flow rate measurements, bladder and prostate ultrasound, prostate cancer risk evaluation including PSA testing (prostate specific antigen), dedicated prostate MRI scans and in some prostate biopsies.

For those men that are not helped initially by medication for their urinary symptoms our surgeons can offer a variety of minimally invasive techniques. Mr Farooq Khan and Mr Asad Saleemi are the leading laser prostate surgeons using a low power laser to remove an enlarged prostate by keyhole surgery (holmium laser enucleation of the prostate – HoLEP) with excellent patient outcomes and results. Our surgeons have performed the highest number of 50 Watt HoLEP’s in the UK (over800) and regularly teach other Consultants in this technique around the UK and have presented their outcome data at British, European and American international urology conferences.

Mr Aza Mohammed at The Cobham Clinic offers a new procedure for treating prostatic symptoms.

Urolift is a minimally invasive, daycase procedure to treat lower urinary symptoms, which are caused by an enlarged prostate. The procedure involves placing tiny implants to hold the prostate lobes apart, like opening curtains on a window, This procedure doesn’t involve removal of prostate tissue. There is no requirement of a catheter at the end of the procedure. It has minimal side effects and it doesn’t affect the erectile or ejaculatory functions.

If you suffer from urinary symptoms and wish to arrange a consultation please call the Cobham Clinic on 01582 497433 or the consultants direct. A list of all our consultants can be found here.

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