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Self-pay Surgery

A high quality service at a competitive cost

Around 40% of our patients fund their own treatment; therefore we try to make our pricing structure as simple as possible. Our aim is to offer a high quality service at a competitive cost.

We are happy to give guide prices to patients over the telephone or some of our priced packages can be viewed here.

Please note: Prices cannot be confirmed, until after your initial consultation.

Occasionally prices may require adjustment following the results of your pre-operative investigations.

For most procedures we can give a fixed price package

*Fixed price packages include accommodation, ward drugs and dressings, theatre fees, any prosthesis used, pre-operative investigations and in patient investigations, food, physiotherapy, consultant’s fee for your surgery and your anaesthetist’s fee.
Consultants will invoice you separately for outpatient appointments.

Should you leave hospital sooner than expected there will be no refund, however if your Consultant feels that it is necessary for you to stay in longer than expected for treatment directly related to your surgery you will not be charged extra. Please note that treatment for conditions other than the one you have been admitted for will be charged for in addition.

If you ask to stay in hospital for longer than your expected date and we are able to accommodate you, or if your stay is extended due to social circumstances you will be charged extra at the standard clinic rate.

*Fixed price packages for weight loss surgery differ slightly. Please see our pricing page for more information.