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Your safety

The majority of patients being admitted to the Cobham Clinic will be asked to attend in advance to have a pre-operative assessment with one of our qualified nursing staff.

This is a very important appointment, if you are unable to attend at the time suggested we would be grateful if you would contact us ASAP and we will endeavour to arrange it for you at a more convenient time.

We carry out these assessments for patient safety. It means we can assess your medical background and current status in advance so that any concerns which may affect your treatment can be raised if necessary with your consultant and/or anaesthetist. The investigations often consist of a blood test and urine analysis with an ECG carried out if required. It also enables us to swab our patients for MRSA. The Cobham Clinic never admits patients who could potentially infect others.

On rare occasions we are unable to carry out a pre-operative assessment in advance of your admission. In this instance you will be swabbed for MRSA on arrival and the nurse looking after you will carry out any other required investigations at the same time.

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