Melanie Ayton (L&D)

Melanie Ayton (Bank HCA) is one of our October runners-up, being nominated for her ability to put her patients at ease in challenging situations:

“We came into the hospital via A&E with suspected appendicitis and quickly found ourselves up on the children’s ward. Our first encounter was with Melanie, she made us feel at home, reassured us and put our child at ease.

“The next day was surgery. She was there to reassure me. The surgery overran and Mel kept phoning down to recovery for any news and kept us updated. She was wonderful. Without her I would have fallen apart.

“Two days later our child needed surgery again. As soon as Mel found out she came straight to us to check we were all okay. My daughter was very down, Mel took the time to wash her, brush her hair and generally try and boost her confidence. It worked wonders.

“Mel went above and beyond. She is a lovely caring lady and we both can’t thank her enough. Don’t stop being fab!”