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Meet the team

Picture of David Hartshorne

David Hartshorne – Programme Director

David Hartshorne is the Programme Director for Redevelopment at both our hospitals. He joined the L&D in 2015 and has overall responsibility for delivering the redevelopment programme at both hospitals. David brings with him a wealth of experience, managing large scale construction projects in both the public and private sectors.

You can email David here.

Picture of Melanie Banks

Melanie Banks – Deputy Programme Director

Melanie is the Deputy Programme Director for Redevelopment. Melanie is an experienced Divisional Manager and has worked at the L&D since 2012. Melanie joined the Redevelopment team in 2015. Melanie is responsible for the strategic design and delivery of the L&D’s new acute services block.

You can email Melanie here.

Kyle McClelland

Kyle McClelland – Construction Project Director

Kyle is the Construction Project Director. Kyle is  a local boy, being born and raised in Hemel Hempstead and has around 18-years of experience working with the NHS on strategic and capital developments, including 12 years at West Herts Hospitals, in Watford.

Kyle’s role is to procure the Works Contractors and specialist advisers who will deliver the New Clinical Buildings.  Once they are selected, Kyle will then lead and manage the teams through the complex delivery of the buildings in to operational use. Kyle joined the Redevelopment Team in January 2020.

You can email Kyle here.

Picture of Charles Frampton

Charles Frampton – Senior Programme Manager

Charles is the Senior Programme Manager  Charles has a background in general management and has worked at the L&D since 2017, joining the redevelopment team in 2018. Charles is responsible for the delivery of the L&D’s new critical care unit and office block, as well as large involvement in the Bedford ED upgrades and car park developments.

You can email Charles here.

Picture of Caroline Roberts

Caroline Roberts – Senior Programme Manager

Caroline joined the Redevelopment Team in January 2021 in her role as Senior Programme Manager for hospital Re-development for Bedfordshire Hospitals. Caroline is an experienced General Manager with a clinical background and has worked at both L&D at Bedford Hospital. Caroline has experience in working across the system and has worked in both Community & Acute Trust settings.

Caroline joins the team with a wealth of clinical and operational knowledge and will lead the strategic development of projects across both sites.

You can email Caroline here.

Picture of Jon Hall

Jon Hall – Construction Project Manager

Jon is the senior project manager for hospitals revelopment. Jon is responsible for working with the trusts design and construction teams to deliver new facilities for the hospitals.

You can email Jon here.

Picture of Alex Gallagher

Alex Gallagher – Project Manager, Clinical Design

Alex has been a nurse for 30 years and has been in senior nursing and transformation roles. Alex has spent the last 5 years working with Trust and Construction teams on hospital redesign and developments. Alex joined the Redevelopment team in December 2019 and is responsible for the clinical design development of the New Ward block and Acute Services Block with the Trust Clinical teams.

You can email Alex here.

Michael Poole – Capital Project Redevelopment Manager

Mike is the Project Manager overseeing the Energy Centre Redevelopment Scheme as well as multiple other Service Upgrade provisions. Previously having been employed as the Senior Capital Projects Manager at the East & North Herts NHS Trust in Stevenage, gaining 19 years + Healthcare experience within an Estates Capital Redevelopment role.

is role is to oversee the design and construction of the Energy Centre, facilitating all works of the Main Contractor and all other specialist parties the Trust has directly employed to deliver an Energy Hub supporting our changing site over the coming years.

You can email Michael here.

Picture of Jill Casbard

Jill Casbard – Assistant Programme Manager

Jill has worked for the Trust since 2003, within the Women’s and Children’s Division. In May 2020 she joined the redevelopment team to support the delivery and implementation of a portfolio of projects within Redevelopment across both Trust sites. Jill is the key liaison officer for all parties including contractors, staff, patients and residents to ensure robust communication throughout the Redevelopment of the hospital and works closely with the communications team to ensure key messages are delivered timely and effectively to all stakeholders.

You can email Jill here.

Picture of Alica Nawaz

Alica Nawaz – Programme Support

Alica joined the L&D in November 2019. Alica brings with her over 10 years of experience working with the British Airport Authority across a portfolio of Redevelopment Projects including the Heathrow Terminal  2 Construction Programme (£2.3 billion). Alica provides support across the full Redevelopment Programme and takes a lead on Risk, Governance and Procurement.

You can email Alica here.

Josh Skelcey

Josh Skelcey – Assistant Project Manager

Josh recently joined the Redevelopment team as an Assistant Project Manager. Josh is a local boy, who was born and raised in Dunstable. Previously he was a professional rugby player and brings a high level of experience, working in high pace, team environments.

Josh will be working closely with contractors and specialist advisers to help deliver and manage complex site redevelopments, whilst minimising disruption amongst the Bedfordshire Hospitals.

You can email Josh here.

Sandie Knott

Sandie Knott – Programme Administrator

Sandie has joined the Redevelopment Team as Programme Administrator. Sandie will work across all projects supporting the Strategic Development, Procurement, Construction and Management Teams. Sandie has worked in the Trust’s Estate Team for over 5 years as Admin Support and has a good overall understanding of the Trust’s systems and processes.

You can email Sandie here.