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Colposcopy Services

Date: 20/07/2022 | Category:

Children Community Physiotherapy

Date: 18/01/2021 | Category:

The Community Paediatric Physiotherapy team are a group of specialist physiotherapists providing assessment and treatment to children and young people aged 0-19 years with complex or long-standing health needs when […]

Cardiovascular Rehabilitation

Date: 03/09/2020 | Category:

Hospital Support – Carers Hub (formerly Carers Lounge) – Bedford Hospital

Date: 22/06/2020 | Category:

The Carers Hub run by Carers in Bedfordshire has reopened. At the hub you can receive support in a safe and confidential setting. Carers in Bedfordshire know a hospital admission can […]

Complaints – Bedford Hospital

Date: 02/04/2020 | Category:

We welcome suggestions, comments and constructive criticism from our patients, their families and visitors so we can improve the quality of our patients care. If you have had an issue […]

Restaurant, Cafe and Shops – Bedford Hospital

Date: 25/03/2020 | Category:

The Swannery The Swannery is the main restaurant on site and is located along the main corridor, near the Kempston Road entrance to the hospital. The Swannery is open from […]

Critical Care Complex

Date: 23/03/2020 | Category:

The Critical Care Complex is a 10 bedded unit with a mixture of level 2 and level 3 critical care beds. Level 2 is traditionally known as ‘high dependence care’ […]

Coronary Care Unit

Date: 19/03/2020 | Category:

The Coronary Care Unit has sixteen beds, and cares mainly for acute cardiac patients. The Cardiology Unit is for both male and female patients with cardiac complaints, post Myocardial infarction, […]

Integrated COPD Service

Date: 19/03/2020 | Category:

The Integrated COPD Service provides consultant, respiratory nurse, respiratory physiotherapy and pulmonary rehabilitation clinics in the community and closer to patients’ homes. This ensures greater ease of access to services, […]

Community Diabetes Service

Date: 19/03/2020 | Category:

The ICDS team is led by a diabetes nurse consultant and includes diabetes specialist nurses and dietitians. The team will be offering individual assessment clinics and group appointments at community […]