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Because of you – X-ray

Mauro Chair

In May 2022 the Radiography department at the L&D made an application for a Mauro Chair, designed to be able to seat patients comfortably and in the correct position for Shoulder and head X-Rays. The application was accepted and the purchase was made.

Several patients have come back for repeat studies following swallow rehabilitation and their general response is that it is much nicer to sit down for the test, more comfortable than standing. For less able patients, it is much safer and easier for them as there is no risk of falls.

From a medical point of view it means that we can get better images because it is easier for patients to maintain a position. A seated posture is also a more natural position to eat and drink in.

The acquisition of the chair has had a hugely positive impact on the quality of service we can offer to our patients.

“The chair was invaluable for my daughter as she is in a wheelchair. It made it so much easier for her to be able to be in the correct position and comfortable. It made the procedure a lot easier and the staff were amazing. They ensured my daughter was calm and reassured and was given clear instructions she could follow thoroughly. Great instructions and made sure my daughter was fully informed and made to feel comfortable and at ease. Such a great team.”

This was written by the mum of the patient who has learning difficulties and other disabilities. Without the chair we would have struggled to do her test.