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Bedfordshire Rural Communities Charity

Bedfordshire Rural Community Charity will be supporting an exciting project across Bedford and central Bedfordshire aimed at reducing digital exclusion.

The Charity will be delivering a project aimed at the reduction of digital exclusion and isolation through supporting currently excluded/isolated individuals with training and, where required, the provision of devices. They will be supported to access and use digital health and social care services; as well as providing the means, skills and confidence to enhance their wellbeing through widening digital social interactions with family, friends and community groups.

The team will be supporting those without access to a device/online service, those living in poverty (including COVID-related unemployment, redundancy) and digitally illiterate (especially older people) and socially.

Kate Ellis, Head of Community & Wellbeing, BRCC discusses the impact the grant will have:

“We are really grateful to NHSCT for funding this exciting initiative. Since the arrival of COVID-19 there has been a significant shift in society with more services, activities and opportunities moving online. While this has been great for many, it has led to others – without the resources or skills to engage digitally – become increasingly excluded and isolated. We are particularly concerned for those whose physical and mental wellbeing is adversely affected by their inability to engage will with GP’s, pharmacies and other health services. We look forward to equipping local residents with skills – and where needed devices/connectivity – to improve their health and wellbeing through accessing such services”.