The Blossom Service

What is the Blossom Service?

Due to the success of the first two years of The Blossom Project, it’s about time the name reflects the ongoing service. The Blossom Project will now be called The Blossom Service, as it is, officially, an ongoing service the Trust and Charity are providing. Congratulations to those involved in ensuring its permanence! The Blossom Service enables volunteers to provide support and companionship to those receiving End of Life Care and their loved ones. If you would like a Blossom volunteer to visit your loved one or support in your area, please email or call 07855 169492.

The Blossom Service, supported by Bedfordshire Hospitals Charity, enables volunteers to provide support and companionship for patients receiving End of Life Care and their loved ones. They help to ensure that, wherever possible, no-one dies alone.

Across the Trust, the Blossom Volunteers see an average of 126 patients per month, totaling 2909 patients since the beginning of the service in August 2021. This has only been possible with the huge effort put in by the volunteers, with the total average time spent with patients each month being 149 hours (Trust-wide). These statistics are evidence of the impact the project has had to date, in addition to the positive feedback we have received from staff and service users which has touched the hearts of all involved in The Blossom Service.

Volunteering for the Blossom Service

Our volunteers undertake safeguarding, infection control and other safety training as well as a Blossom training. This educates them on how to interact with EOL patients and their families. In addition, they are presented with knowledge about EOL Care to further ensure the best quality of care for our patients. Blossom Volunteers are provided with uniform and free parking when you are on a volunteer session.

If you’re interested in volunteering please contact Annie Tucker, Blossom Coordinator, on 07855 169492 or email