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The impact of Blossom

How do we know it’s beneficial?

Volunteer statements

  • Ursula: “This role has given me so much and I feel privileged to be part of it.”

Service user feedback

  • “My mother recently passed away at the L&D following a severe stroke. My brother and I were touched by the support and time that the Blossom Volunteers gave to mum in her final days, whilst she was receiving end of life care. We would like to thank these volunteers, and of course all the nurses and doctors, who cared for mum so well. Thank you!”
  • Blossom Volunteer, Bedford

    Maureen came to visit my mum and me. Maureen gave us great comfort at a sad time. We would like to say that this is a great service. It was nice to talk to someone interesting who wasn’t in a hurry to get away.”

  • “My dad is end of life. When we arrived Pam was sat next to my dad reading and talking to him. Pam also stayed with us and helped contact various different members of staff to assist in getting my dad the outcome we wanted. She truly is an amazing, caring and wonderful woman, you are very lucky to have her. I just wanted to thank you and your team for the amazing jobs you all do.”
  • “I just wanted to write to say a big thank you to the lady who sat with me at mum’s bedside in CCU. Mum was on end of life care and I am an only child, with no husband or partner so I was on my own. I has been sleeping by the side of mum’s bed in the hospital during the week before mum’s passing. The lady sat with me during mum’s passing until my sons arrived from work to join me, so I wasn’t on my own. You are very kind and generous with giving up your time voluntarily to sit with people in such sad circumstances. I was very grateful to the lady who sat with me and would like my gratitude to be conveyed to her.”
  • Annie, I just wanted to reiterate my deepest appreciation to you personally for your warmth and kindness to me over the days I was there with the patient. Your support was beyond invaluable. Please also thank Kate and Les. The service you are all providing is hugely appreciated. I wonder if you would be so kind as to pass on my deepest thanks to all the staff on Ward 17, and the Palliative Care Nurses. Everyone was so kind and caring, to both of us.”
  • “On behalf of our family, we just want to say a big thank you to Anne and Rifat who have visited our family member as he goes through EOL care. It’s so touching that in the hours that the family can’t be with him, someone has devoted their time to sit with him during his final days and hours. Thank you once again to all Blossom volunteers

Rose and Annie with the Blossom Project display

Staff feedback

  • Ward 14’s manager said “I have had great experiences regarding the Blossom volunteers and have had some lovely feedback from the relatives regarding the bedside manner of the volunteers. They are very caring and willing to listen and are very attentive, for example providing tea and coffee.”


  • Peter was with a service user in the morning who he’d visited on Monday, and was with him when he died. The gentleman’s daughter didn’t quite make it but Peter was able to reassure her that her dad wasn’t on his own when he died.
  • One of our Blossom volunteers spoke about her afternoon spent with an elderly lady approaching the end of her life who was still conscious and waiting for transport back to the familiar surroundings of her care home. She was unable to talk but could still hear and see a little so our volunteer held her hand and chatted to her, read to her about the Queen’s Birthday and showed her the pictures in the newspaper. When her transport arrived, the lady grabbed the volunteer’s hand and kissed it – the only way she was able to say ‘thank you’ for the kindness and precious time given to her by the lovely volunteer.

Blossom volunteers are here to provide emotional support to both patients and their loves ones.