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How you’ve helped

Allen Spinal Table
A new Spinal table to support all spinal procedures at the Luton and Dunstable Unviersity Hospital.  Medical technology moves incredibly quickly, and as a Trust the L&D strive to make sure the best innovations can be available to our talented surgical teams, in order to help our patients. We are very fortunate to have been awarded funding from a local grant giving organisation for an Allen spinal table, which will support over 100,000 frail and vulnerable patients to receive a full range of spinal procedures and the best possible treatments close to their homes.
Please click here to find out more about the Allen Spinal Table.

Ultrasound scanner (Breast Unit)
Working with the L&D Hospital Fundraising, Charity Ambassador Denise Coates along with the help of Lisa Scheder and Challney High School for Girls, combined their efforts to raise thousands of pounds towards the purchase of a new ultrasound scanning machine for the hospital’s Breast Unit.

Challney Girl’s school, Denise and Lisa were able to collect enough money for the Hospital Charitable Fund to make up the difference and purchase the scanner. A generous donation from former patient Angela Garrathy also helped reach the ambitious target in just over a year.

We’re always looking at ways to improve services and are glad that with the help of the community we can make these important changes, allowing us to continue to deliver the best care for our patients.

CPAP Machine (Cardiac)
The Dunstable Masons and Mould family recently donated the money to purchase a new Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine for our cardiac ward. CPAP therapy is a common treatment for obstructive sleep apnea.

Ultrasound scanner (Urology)
The Mark Master Masons of Bedfordshire recently donated £14,816.27 to the Urology Department which has subsequently allowed us to purchase a new ultrasound sound scanner. This scanner will help in detecting signs of prostate cancer in its very early stages.

We would like to thank the Mark Master Masons for making this purchase possible.

Starmedtec Laser Machine (Urology) 
With your fundraising efforts we have been able to purchase a high end laser for Urology surgeries.

Fabian Evolution (NICU)
Via our Fundraisers’ recent activity, the NICU was able to purchase a top of range ventilator. The Fabian evolution ensures a premature baby is supported during the early stages of their life.

Thank you to Stacey and Kevin who together with all of your donations, we have been able to purchase a Brainz Machine which is the latest equipment in monitoring babies in the NICU unit.

Accuvein Scanner (Chemo Unit) 
The Accuvein scanner was another medical device purchased by our Chemo team due to your fundraising and donations.

This device helps for better vein visualization that helps reduce difficult venous access by 21%.

Hospira Plum 360 (Chemo Unit) 
The Hospira Plum is a specialist pump that allows for two different drugs to be administered at once. Thanks to your donations and fundraising our Chemo Unit managed to purchase one of these machines costing around £3000 including V.A.T.

Parents Room (NICU)
We were grateful for help with fundraising which enabled us to open the Parents Room in the NICU.

This lovely lounge gives families a place to take a break and spend time with other family members, whilst their baby is nearby.

Parents Lounge (Children’s Wards)
Thanks to fundraising and some generous donations from Sainsbury’s Bramingham, we have refurbished the Parents Lounge on the Children’s Wards. There is a new kitchen with a microwave and fridge, along with some comfy chairs for the parents to use.

This room gives parents a place to have something to eat and drink, whilst having some time away from the ward.

Eyesi Device
The Eyesi Training Device is a great addition for our Ophthalmology Department.

The Trust carries out over 2200 cataract procedures each year and demand is growing as our target patient population grows. With this device, our trainees and surgeons will train on a 3D simulator which will enhance their competence and skill. This will result in shorter waiting times for cataract surgery which will benefit our patient.

Blue Light Cysocopy Device (Urology)
We are grateful for donations that have enabled us to buy this device which will give the patients a 40% better detection rate for bladder cancer. It is less invasive, and provides a clear visualisation of the tumour for removal under the blue light. This in turn leads to a 10% reduction in reoccurrence and a longer time between reoccurrence where it occurs.

We would like to make this diagnosis and treatment a simpler, better and less distressing one for patients, offering them the best possible support for their cancer. Over 200 people will benefit directly from this device and even more will benefit from having those 200 people in their lives.

Magic Carpet Projector
The donation of a magic carpet projector made by the Wallace and Gromit Children’s Foundation has made a huge difference to the lives of many children and babies who are poorly or undergoing treatment at the hospital. The projector has surpassed our hopes and we have seen increased mobility in patients who have multiple and mental disabilities while using it. Children from babies to teenagers enjoy the different functions and themes. On a daily basis staff have used it as a distraction from treatment and to promote physical and sensory stimulation.

Birthing pool and chair
Thanks to fundraising, our maternity department has seen the addition of a new birthing pool in the consultant led suite. As well as the new pool, there are also some comfortable chairs which can be extended into beds for a birthing partner to stay.

Dementia Activity Kits
We have received activity kits for our dementia patients to use while they are in hospital. These include knitted items and twiddle muffs, which are great for our patients with dementia.

Christmas presents for our patients
We were very grateful to everyone who helped us to give a gift to every patient on Christmas Day. We received lots of presents from our Amazon Wishlist, as well as donations from local companies, stores and schools. Full details of all of the donors can be found in our past news section. Thank you to everyone who helped with Christmas presents.

Chapel Redevelopment
Following redevelopment, the Chapel has now been officially reopened and updated so it can cater for today’s spiritual needs and support more people. The hospital employs a diverse workforce with staff from a range of religions, belief and cultural communities. This is reflected in the way that the Chapel is used, with people from both Christian and other faith communities often praying at the same time.

The new development includes; a new altar, new seating, flooring, lighting, projector and built in screen, prayer candle tree, a cabinet to store religious items, a hearing loop system, wheelchair / mobility friendly doors and lots of paint.

Martyn Trembath, Lead Chaplain added, “We are very grateful for the support we have received. Contributions to the Chapel development have enabled us to provide a better environment for people to worship, pray and reflect; for years to come.”

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