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About us

Our key aim is to service patients of Luton and Dunstable University Hospital, by supporting items above NHS provision and understanding the difference we can make together, to patients lives both now and in the future.

We put this into practice by helping the patients, their families, carers and visitors by:

  • Funding medical research to better understand the diseases affecting our patients, so that we can develop the cures and therapies
  • Enhancing the care our hospital can offer, through making grants for new equipment and building better facilities
  • Investing in NHS staff, in particular by supporting staff engagement
  • Supporting the L&D in the creation of a caring environment for patients, their families and visitors
  • Making a number of smaller grants for the provision of extra comforts for patients, to support activities recommended as part of their rehabilitation.

We have supported:

370,000 patients and their families

4,000 nurses, doctors, health care assistants, estate workers and support teams. 

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