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Ben and Joe

I sat and cried at their passing feeling all alone in my grief

When I felt someone sit next to me and held my hand to keep

All babies have a purpose whether here or in the stars

Your twins were meant for heaven’s light and that’s just where they are

Love is all around them and the angels are keeping watch

They’ll shine for you when you need them most

And comfort your breaking heart

I looked up as the tears fell and realised all at once

A warm glow inside me and love back in my heart

My two stars were shining, together as they had always been

Helping me find comfort, helping me find peace within.

I turned to thank the stranger whose words had made me look

But nobody was next to me and my hand was never took

My twins had sent their angel and that’s who sat with me

To show me where to look and to show me what to see

So sleep my twin stars, may you shine for us to see

All our love is with you.

Forever in my dreams

Ben and Joe 10th February 2006 Always in our hearts