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Meet the team

Our team of Specialists includes Surgeons, Oncologists, Radiologists, Breast Physicians, Breast Care Nurses, Breast Screening Nurses, Radiographers, a Senior Nurse Practitioner, a Lymphoedema Nurse, Research Nurses and dedicated Breast Unit Secretaries. We work closely together to ensure timely diagnosis and treatment if required and patient care is coordinated through a weekly MDT (multidisciplinary team meeting).

Breast Surgeons

Our team of Breast Surgeons offer a wide range of Oncoplastic and Reconstructive operations, both immediate and delayed. We carry out Sentinel Node biopsy as standard, with intra-operative assessment when possible. If you require surgery you will have an opportunity to meet with your Surgeon to discuss your individual needs and wishes.

Mr Ravichandran
Mr Ravichandran has been a Consultant in General surgery for 12 years. He carries out endocrine and breast surgery including implant and Latissimus Dorsi reconstruction.

Miss Kath Kirkpatrick
Kath Kirkpatrick has been at Luton since 2012; she qualified with Honours from the Royal Free Hospital and has carried out a Breast Fellowship in Melbourne, Australia for a year prior to a national TIG Oncoplastic Fellowship in Liverpool. She completed her training at the Royal Marsden Hospital. She has an undergraduate degree in Human Genetics and a postgraduate Master of Surgery Degree in the Role of hTERT in Breast Cancer. She has published her Research and presented it internationally. She carries out Therapeutic mammoplasty, Implant Reconstruction (using ADM and Dermal sling), Latissimus Dorsi reconstruction, Goldilocks Mastectomy, symmetrisation surgery, lipomodelling and nipple reconstruction.

Miss Ruth James
Ruth James gained her medical degree at Manchester Medical School and carried out her higher surgical training in the Oxford region. She undertook a National TIG Oncoplastic fellowship at the Nottingham Breast Institute and is trained in a wide variety of Oncoplastic and reconstructive procedures including the use of local perforator flaps for partial breast reconstruction, therapeutic mammaplasty and implant reconstruction.

Mr Deepak Shrestha
Mr Shrestha is an experienced breast and general surgeon who works as an Associate Specialist in the Breast Unit. He sees patients in One-Stop and Results clinics, carries out Breast Ultrasound and Breast Surgery.

Mr Sam Gobara
Mr Gobara is an experienced general surgeon who works as an Associate Specialist in the Breast Unit and sees patients in One-Stop clinics.

Plastic Surgeon

Mr Nilesh Sojitra
Mr Sojitra is a Plastic Surgeon working at the Royal Free with Sessions at Luton and Dunstable who specialises in Breast Reconstruction. He is able to see patients in clinic both at Luton and at the Whittington Hospital, and carries out immediate and delayed reconstruction at the Royal Free Hospital.





Dr Anup Vinayan


Dr Simon Allen
Dr Sheena McLaggan
Dr Asha Radhamma

Breast Physicians

Our Breast Physicians are Dr Janet Bietzk, Dr Christine Swinson and Dr Laila Yanny. They are Breast Specialists who work within the Breast Screening Programme and also see and assess patients in the One-Stop clinics. Dr Janet Bietzk is also the Clinical Director of the Beds and Herts. Breast Screening Service

Breast Care Nurse

Our team of Breast Care Nurses are led by Jan Chalkley with the help of Frances Taffs, Debby Sykes and Wenna Breeze-Milligan. They offer support and advice to people diagnosed with Breast Cancer. More information on our Breast Care Nurses can be found here.

Breast Screening Nurses

Our Breast Screening Nurses are Amanda Dixon, Chris Khan, Caroline Whatmore, Bernie Dunne, Emma Franks and Natalie Janes.

One of the Breast Screening Nurses will be always be present when women are seen having been recalled for further assessment following a Breast Screening Mammogram. They will offer support and advice and a point of contact if you are waiting for the results of biopsies following assessment either through the screening service or the One-Stop clinic.

Breast Unit Secretaries

Tracy Smith 01582 718009 phone and fax
Lauren Paul 01582 497996


We have an all-female team of experienced radiographers who carry out mammograms in the clinics.

Research Nurses

Anette David and Claire Hamilton, Oncology Research Sisters.

The Breast Unit is involved in many Clinical Research Trials and has a dedicated team of Research Nurses and a data manager available to offer patients entry into any Clinical trials that are available locally or at the Mount Vernon Cancer Centre.

Senior Nurse Practitioner

Di Reid sees many of our patients for health checks prior to surgery, during their hospital stay, and after discharge for any ongoing wound care.

Lymphoedema Nurse

Lorina Nicholson
Our Lymphoedema nurse will see you if you need help with any breast or arm lymphoedema following breast cancer treatment.

Hospital at Home team

Our experienced team of Nurses will visit you at home if you have breast cancer surgery to provide wound care, drain care, physiotherapy and advice.
The hospital at home team can be contacted on 07534 960143.

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