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One Stop Clinic

Breast Screening UnitIf you are referred to us with any breast symptoms you will be seen at the Breast Screening Unit on Lewsey Road, just down the road from the main Luton and Dunstable Hospital. We will send you an appointment within two weeks of receiving a referral from your GP or other Doctor. Please contact the Breast Unit Secretaries if you are concerned that you have not yet received an appointment.

Getting here
There are some Pay and Display parking spaces available at the Breast Screening Unit. There are also spaces at the public car parks at the main Luton and Dunstable Hospital site (see Map) If you pay for three hours parking at the Breast Screening Unit and leave your car registration at reception when you go in then the car park, attendants have agreed not to ticket you even if you are there for more than three hours. This agreement is only for the Breast Screening Unit car park and not the other hospital car parks. The postcode of the Breast Screening Unit is LU4 0EY and of the main hospital is LU4 0DZ.

What will happen
When you arrive, you will be given a questionnaire to complete with information about your past medical history and any family history. Please let us know if you might be pregnant as this will affect the tests that you are offered, and also let us know if you wish to only be seen by a female specialist as we will accommodate this if we can.

You will then be asked to go to a changing room in the clinic area to remove your clothing above the waist and change into a gown. You can then either remain in the clinic area, or if you wish to stay with male companions you can return to the main reception.

If you are over the age of 35 and have not had a mammogram in the last 6 months you will be taken through for a mammogram first, otherwise you will be called through to see a Breast Specialist.

It is helpful not to wear talcum powder, deodorant, antiperspirant or perfume if you think you may be having a mammogram as these can affect the quality of the pictures, but don’t worry if you are as we will give you a wet wipe to remove it. Feel free to take a friend or family member through with you to see the specialist, and it may help if you write down any concerns or questions you have to remind you when you come.

When you see the Breast Specialist they will discuss your concerns and then examine your breasts. He or she will then send you for an ultrasound if required and you may also need to have a biopsy (or needle test).

We will explain the results of your tests as you have them so you will be kept informed throughout your visit. If you need to have a needle test, this result will not be available on the same day and the specialist seeing you will explain how and when you will get that result. We understand that this can be a worrying and stressful time and that you will want to know these results as soon as possible; however we do need to have all the results before giving you advice.

Most people will be able to be reassured at the end of their visit that there is nothing worrying going on. If we have concerns that you may have a breast cancer then we will explain this to you and introduce you to one of our Breast Care nurses who will be able to support you and answer any questions you may have. Please be reassured that breast cancer can be treated very successfully and most women are cured of it.

Your visit may take three hours or more, so please be prepared for this. You may find it helpful to bring a friend or family member with you for company and support, and they are welcome to come in with you when you see the specialist.

If you need to change your appointment please ring the clinic clerk on 01582 497197

There is an information leaflet about the One-Stop Clinic here.