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We hope that you will find all the information that you need on this website so that your visit to us is as stress-free as possible. We run clinics at the Breast Screening Centre on Lewsey Road and also in the Surgical block of Luton and Dunstable Hospital (Zone C).

We work in a team of Surgeons, Breast Specialist Physicians, Radiologists, Breast Screening Nurses, Radiographers and Breast Care Nurses.

Most people who come to see us here do so because they have noticed a breast problem and are referred by their GPs. We will offer everyone who has a breast symptom an appointment to come and see us in one of our One Stop clinics within two weeks of us receiving the referral. Most people who come to see us will be able to be reassured that nothing is amiss – we see over 2,000 new patients each year in the One Stop Clinics; only 200 of these will turn out to have breast cancer.

We also see women who have a family history of breast or certain other cancers to assess their risk of getting breast cancer and to advise them of options available to them in our Family History Clinic.

In addition we see women and men with breast problems that need review, for follow up after surgery, or with cosmetic problems following breast cancer surgery in our Follow-Up Clinics.

One Stop and Family History Clinic are held at the Breast Screening Unit in Lewsey Road, whereas Follow-Up clinics are held in Zone C of the Surgical block of Luton and Dunstable Hospital.

If you have been affected by breast cancer and want to join our breast cancer support group please click here.