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Do students get full orientation and introduction to staff members in their first week of placement?

Every student receives a full orientation whilst on placemen and an introduction to their nominated Practice Assessor (PA). First interviews will be conducted within their first week to allow the student to discuss an individualised learning plan and learning opportunities to support them throughout their placement.

Can we choose our own shifts, or will they be given us?

Shifts will be allocated to the students by the placement area, and will include a range of days, nights and weekends. This will enable students to gain an understanding of the 24/7 care provided. Shift patterns will depend on the locality.

When should we contact the placement area?

Students should contact the placement area at least two weeks prior to starting the placement. This can be done either by phone call, email or visiting the ward in person. When making contact students should introduce themselves and find out if there is any pre-reading to be done prior to starting. Each ward will have a nominated education link nurse who is responsible for ensuring this information is available to students.

Who is my Practice Supervisor (PS), Practice Assessor (PA), and Academic Assessor (AA)?

PS’s, PA’s and AA are members of staff who will all work together to support the student when in placement. They have been trained in supporting students in practice and on their learning development journey. PS’s are any health and social care registered professionals that support students throughout their placements on a daily basis. Your PA has to be a Registered Nurse and they will be responsible for completing the assessments. The allocated PA will also liaise with your PS’s and AA to ensure you are safely and fairly assessed for skills and competencies. The AA is a member of university staff who will assess and support students through their academic studies.

Who can we contact if we need additional support or advice?

In addition to the Practice Supervisors and Assessors on the ward, the Practice Education Team can be contacted to provide additional support or advice when on placement. This can include pastoral support, help with clinical skills and general advice.

What do I do if I am unable to attend my allocated shift on placement?

If students cannot attend shift for any reason then they must ensure that they contact the placement area at least two hours before the shift is due to start to let them know. Students should continue to contact the ward each subsequent day they will not be able to attend.