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About us

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​At Bedfordshire Hospitals, we are proud to have a Practice Education Team that is dedicated to providing essential training and education to our staff and beyond. Our skilled team is always looking to improve the way we deliver healthcare by providing quality training sessions and educational resources.

Over the last 3 years, we have been developing each of the work streams within practice education, and we are thrilled with the work we are doing.

​It’s been an exciting time for education, with the development of new programmes such as; the health and care academy, and the registered nurse degree apprenticeships. Healthcare support workers in the trust are offered pastoral support and a development programme through the practice education team. Preceptorship is now a multi-professional programme, which enables new registrants to learn from each other and understand different perspectives. We also continue to welcome internationally educated nurses and support their professional development during and after OSCE, through the support of an international nurse career coach.

​We are so proud of the innovative work that we do and are excited to share this with you.


Our vision:

The Education Team at Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is dedicated to the development and growth of others, through learning and education, to support the delivery of outstanding patient care.

Providing an inclusive platform of opportunities for students and staff alike, to progress in their professional journey towards achieving excellence.

Senior Management Team