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Weight Loss Clinic (Tier 3)

At the Luton and Dunstable Hospital we offer Tier 3 (medical) and 4 (surgical) programmes. Subject to your GP referral criteria, you can choose to participate in our Tier 3 programme at this hospital or through a provider in your local area. At your first appointment you will meet our team and they will develop a weight loss programme individually tailored to your needs. At this appointment a blood test will be required; any other assessments will be dependent on your health.

Throughout the programme you will receive nutritional guidance, dietary counselling, and regular specialist support. This programme typically lasts between 12-24 months, depending on your BMI, compliance and the clinical commissioning group criteria for your local area. Regular attendance is required through the programme to ensure you benefit from any intervention recommended.

When you have successfully completed the Tier 3 programme, you will either be referred back to your GP or local healthcare provider for continued support or can be considered for referral to Tier 4 if you wish to pursue assessment for bariatric surgery and meet the commissioning criteria at that time.