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Private Clinic

If you do not meet current NHS England criteria you may choose to have the procedure carried out at our private Facility, The Cobham Suite. We are aware that funding support differs dependant on the area that you live (currently around 40% of Cobham patients fund their own treatment) and the Cobham team offer you the same gastric surgery options at a competitive cost.

We are happy to give guide prices to patients over the telephone. As prices differ, dependant on the pre-operative investigation you require we cannot confirm the total cost until after your initial consultation.

For most procedures we can give a fixed price package. Fixed price packages include accommodation, ward drugs and dressings, theatre fees, any prosthesis used, pre-operative investigations and in patient investigations, food, physiotherapy, consultant’s fee for your surgery and your anaesthetist’s fee.

Should you leave hospital sooner than expected there will be no refund, however if your Consultant feels that it is necessary for you to stay in longer than expected for treatment directly related to your surgery you will not be charged extra. Please note that treatment for conditions other than the one you have been admitted for will be charged for in addition.

If you need to stay in hospital for longer than your expected date and we are able to accommodate you, or if your stay is extended due to social circumstances you will be charged extra at the standard clinic rate

About Your Stay
When visiting the Cobham Clinic you will receive a warm welcome from our friendly and efficient staff. We will do all we can to make sure your stay is completely comfortable and you are given no additional stress or anxiety.

You should pack a bag and include a night gown/pyjamas, toiletries, slippers and a dressing gown. If you have forgotten any items, the staff will be happy to help you. We ask that if you are taking any medication, please bring it with you.

If you are having a general anaesthetic or any type of sedation you must not drive yourself to or from the hospital. It is recommended that you do not drive for 24 hours following the administration of these.

You will be asked to sign a registration payment form when you arrive and also if you are self-funding to make your payment. If your admission is covered by health insurance, please bring your policy details and authorisation with you. You must contact your insurance company prior to your admission to receive the authorisation to proceed with your treatment. If you need any help at all with this, our finance staff will be pleased to assist you.

Each individual room is comfortably furnished and has its own bedside telephone. You will also find a flat screen television mounted conveniently on the wall with Freeview channels. Most of our ensuite bathrooms are wet rooms which make showering following surgery easy and convenient. We provide each bathroom with towels and complimentary toiletries.

For more information call today or visit the website:
01582 497433