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NICU vCreate Messaging Service

What is vCreate?

vCreate is an NHS Trusted secure video messaging service that helps patients, families and clinical teams stay connected throughout their care journey whilst babies stay in our Neonatal and Special Care Baby Units across Luton and Dunstable University Hospital and Bedford Hospital. The service helps to support families dealing with feelings of separation and anxiety.

vCreate is a digital system that allows staff to take photos and videos of the babies which are then stored on a secure server. Parents sign up providing an email address and receive notifications when they have images/videos to access and download.

For these parents it enables them to see what their baby is doing and receiving updates for the times they are unable to be present in the unit. It provides a vital link for parents both local and from outside of the area. Additional features mean the account can be transferred to their local unit if they are repatriated or to another specialist unit if transferred for further care including the facility for the specialist transport team to use during their service.

Our units began using vCreate just over a year ago and this was absolutely vital during the initial lockdown period where there was reduced visiting and access. It has been an invaluable resource and every parent is encouraged to sign up. The response from parents and staff has been extremely positive, with staff keen to express their creative photo skills and parents keen to see snippets and updates of their baby’s journey through NICU.

Below is parent feedback we have received:

From Fred (dad of twins): “It has been an incredibly difficult and uncertain period, and several times, when I was lying awake in the middle of the night, I checked my email and saw a vCreate photo of my son in the NICU. Every time it made me smile and let me know he was okay.”

From Natasha (mum of twins): “We love receiving pictures from vCreate – we can always phone up to get a medical update but the photos and messages ‘from’ the boys are really special and make us feel more like parents.”

vCreate in action 2 Nurse using vCreate  

vCreate in action 3

Why we need your help:

vCreate has been instrumental with our communication to parents and we receive such positive feedback about the service in the monthly patient experience surveys.

Sadly, this vital service has only been funded until June 2022 whereby we will need charitable support to continue using vCreate.

Due to this, the charity team are asking you, the community, to help donate towards our target of £9,600 to keep this amazing service running.

Any Questions?

Please email us on, alternatively you can call us on 01582 718289.

To make a difference and donate, please visit our JustGiving page below!