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Assisted Surgical Robot Appeal

Robotic surgery is the wave of the future for surgical procedures, tooling surgeons to operate with unprecedented accuracy and precision.

Currently there is no robot at the Luton and Dunstable Hospital. By raising funds to buy a robot, this will offer consultants, and the patients we care for, access to better procedures, faster recovery and the latest in innovation.

We aim to create a designated robotics theatre within the new acute service block. As the hospital takes a step forward with a new facility to help patients needing urgent critical care, it also steps forward in the care it can offer, supporting the families of Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and beyond.

What is robotic surgery?

It is a form of keyhole surgery involving small incisions where the surgeon operates on the patient by controlling a computer-enhanced robot, mimicking the surgeon’s hand and wrist movements, and allowing absolute precision.

The large 3D view of the patient’s organs enables surgeons to perform many types of complex procedures with enhanced vision, greater precision, flexibility, and control than is not possible with conventional techniques.

The benefits of robotic surgery for patients are immense and can change patients’ lives. It can take months to recover from traditional, ‘open’ surgery but incisions made using robotic surgery are much smaller, reducing the risk of complications and infection, minimising scarring, pain and discomfort and helping patients recover and return home more quickly. Following robot-assisted surgery, patients can be discharged from hospital within a matter of days, not weeks.

Please support us in taking a phenomenal step forward for patient outcomes and recovery.